Another Fullerton marriage

Further to my recent post about the Rev. Dr James Fullerton’s habit of marrying young white women to Chinese husbands – I’ve found another, somewhat earlier, example.

The San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin of 30 August 1862 reproduces an article from the Australian and New Zealand Gazette reporting on the increase of marriages between Chinese men and European women. The article says that ‘hitherto the brides have generally been of the lowest class of Irish woman’ – except for the bride of Mr Yung Sing, a merchant from Sydney. She is Emma, daughter of the late John Mann of Parramatta. Emma and Yung Sing were married in the Scotch Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Dr Fullerton.

New South Wales BDM records confirm this: the indexes list the marriage of Emma Mann to Young Siun in Sydney in 1862 (125/1862) and the birth of Adeline M Yung Sing, daughter of Emma and Yung Sing, in 1863 (101/1863). If Emma was the daughter of John and Ellen Mann born in 1843 (V1843702 27A/1843), she too would have been under the age of consent at the time of her marriage.

Strikes me that there is something of a nice little research project here. (Not that I need any more nice little research projects.)

(Information about the Daily Evening Bulletin article taken from the Chinese Australian History Resources Database, item no. 2476.)

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  1. Claire Faulkner says:


    I am descendant from Yung Sing (William Young Sing) and Emma Mann, daughter of the late John Mann, of Parramatta.

    My father commenced family history research in early 1990’s, in the last 3 years I have continued the research.

    I am interested in viewing that original article in the San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin of 30 August 1862 and the Australian and New Zealand Gazette.

    I was sent your link by Ray Poon (Brisbane) back in 2010.
    Sorry I haven’t contacted you before this.

    Yours faithfully,
    Claire Faulkner

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